During the summer of 2011, I interned at NPR in Washington, D.C. Though new tasks were a constant, I could count on the following everyday: choosing partner content and photos for the site, fact checking, editing, page-building and writing headlines, teasers and cutlines. I primarily worked on projects for the opinion and books sections. I also interacted with publishers and other departments within NPR regularly. Sometimes, I was asked to write.

Preparing pieces for Three Books…, You Must Read This and My Guilty Pleasure was one of my favorite parts about interning at NPR. All pieces must be meticulously fact checked against the respective books for accuracy before being recorded for broadcast or published online. After the pieces have been fact checked, they must be edited, recorded and built for the web. While I was involved with many pieces everyday, here are some of my favorites:

Three Rapid Reads For The Impatient Intellectual
Three Extreme Tales Of Tribulation For The Apocalypse
Three Dark Tales That Serve Up Twisted Delight

An Artist’s Life: Tough, Toilsome And Tiring Times
Through A Correspondent’s Eyes: Revisiting Vietnam
For Students Of ‘Freddie,’ Drama Onstage And Off

This slideshow displays some of my favorite headlines. Working in the opinion and books sections I was often encouraged to get sassy. This made things a little more challenging – but it was fun. While some headlines called for attitude, it was not problem sticking to the facts for more serious pieces. In addition to the headlines, I chose the photos and wrote cutlines or captions as well as teasers for the pieces featured here. I also built the pieces in Seamus (NPR’s own CMS) and published them to the web.

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