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Brazen Careerist

“Brazen is a career-management site for high achieving young professionals and ambitious college students. The site helps you meet new people, find a job, and build relevant relationships to advance your career.”

Lacey’s Daily Nebraskan writing

The Daily Nebraskan team is currently revamping its website and moving to a new server. It is taking longer than expected for archived stories to be moved and many are currently inaccesible. Some, which I’ve linked here, are available through the former publisher’s archives.

Writing for the Daily Nebraskan was humbling and rewarding. As a weekly columnist and opinion editor I strived to live up the social responsibility the unique position demanded.

Here are some of my writings:

Mason: Through the worst times, a college education is possible (April 2011)

Mason: Facebook is fleeting, individuality isn’t (December 2009)

Mason: Education creates opportunity despite massive student debt (April 2012)

Mason: Quitting smoking not easy, but possible (March 2009)

Mason: Human mind responds to unique stimuli, excites, stimulates senses (March 2011)

Mason: Make time for you, allow others to do the same (February 2011)

American media exploits one child’s murder, ignores another (Jan. 2011)

Mason: Alopecia hard to accept, but reality nonetheless (February 2011)

Mason: Snow weather can be fun, requites safety (January 2011)

Mason: ‘Kill ’em with kindness” philosopher creates successful semester (December 2010)

Mason: Don’t forget your December-born friends this holiday season (December 2010)

Mason: Polyamorous relationshops: Right for some, not for others (November 2010)

Mason: Black Friday can afflict normal people with senseless greed (November 2010)

Mason: Happy stories are becoming harder to tell (November 2010)

Mason: Nebraska’s quality of life more than makes up for cold winters, boringness (November 2011)

Mason: In digital world, children need protection too (October 2010)

Mason: Bully victims deserve more help to prevent suicide (October 2010)

Mason: Fathers play essential role in growing up (September 2010)

Mason: Personal experience informs feelings about large-scale tragedies (September 2010)

Mason: Self-righteous opinions run rampant, but is anyone really right? (September 2010)

Mason: Trapped Chilean miners deserve recognition (August 2010)

Mason: Radio host should keep emotions in check (August 2010)

Mason: Don’t let the doldrums dampen UNL (August 2011)

Mason: Facebook shouldn’t exclude older or younger generations (August 2010)

Mason: Objectifying woman in any context is wrong (April 2010)

Mason: Unusual baby names fuel expectations, falter in judgmental world (October 2010)

Mason: Pornography debate loses meaning with celebrity appearance (February 2010)

Star City Blog

Review of vegetarian options at Lincoln restaurants for Star City Blog. Includes photo taken by Lacey

I love food. As a freelance writer for Star City Blog, I had the opportunity offer my two cents on vegetarian cuisine at non-vegetarian restaurants.


Groupon story for NewsNetNebraska, includes photo taken by Lacey

Though social issues are my forte, traditional journalism is where it all started. In this story, I speak with Lincoln, Neb. businesses on the impact of Groupon.

Story on Jacob’s Well for NewsNetNebraska, includes video done by Lacey, including voice work

Writing about poverty in Lincoln, Neb. is an opportunity I’m grateful for. Combining more traditional journalism with¬† my passion for awareness was a moving experience.


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